Robot - SKM2

SKM2 is SKM1’s big brother. Designed for outdoor, more rugged terrain, SKM2 offers increased payload with a variety of optional components that allow the user to pick and choose exactly what they need for their particular application. Even though SKM2 is a more robust robotic platform, the model still offers easy access into robotics technology, “open-sourced” design, and endless customization possibilities.

SKM2 is ideal for:

  • Robotics education
  • Autonomous behavior research
  • Image detection
  • Target tracking
  • Image recognition
  • Real-time video analytics


Key Features/Specifications:

  • Six wheel locomotion
  • ADBF609 Microcontroller
  • Clock Speed: 500 MHz
  • SDRAM: 64MB
  • Flash Memory: 32 KB (4 KB used by bootloader)
  • CMOS Sensor
  • WLAN Module
  • Operating Voltage: 3V IO Voltage: 3V
  • Input Voltage: 5-18V

SKM2 can be modified using components from the [Robocraft web store].

SKM 2 will be available soon!

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