Wi-Fi Video Robot

Are you looking for an affordable, customizable, video-streaming robotic platform?

[Robocraft] is a manufacturer of modular, open-source robots with streaming video capability and user-friendly software tools. Our goal is to make it easy for hobby roboticists, professional researchers, and students to implement robotic video technology and to modify the product to fit their needs.

We are in the process of developing robotic video technology that is:

  • High-quality: We use only high-grade hardware and software components in constructing our robots, making them suitable for the world’s leading research environments and classrooms.
  • WIFI-enabled and capable of video streaming: Record video remotely and stream directly to your workstation or device.
  • Modular and modifiable: The hardware and software components of every robot are modifiable, with many upgrades and extensions available in our [web store].
  • User-friendly: Our robots and their software interfaces are designed as entry-level platforms, however they can easily be upgraded into more advanced systems as needed.
  • Reasonably priced: Robocraft provides the best robotic video technology for the money -- guaranteed .

We proudly build robots that give consumers a head start in creating their own customized, robotic, video streaming platforms.

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If you would like to ask questions or just say hi, please use [contact form] or ask them in the [forums].



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